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Longevity. Friendship. Family.

Words that apply equally
to our residents and staff.

Our People: Willows Bellingham's Dedicated Staff & Exceptional Residents

Longtime staff and residents give The Willows a sense of place. They work, play and live in a senior community that fosters friendships, and, over time, becomes family. Come and experience the difference.

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Back in the early-1990’s a 16-year-old high school student came to the Willows for a job as a food server. Twenty-seven years later she’s still here - only now she’s our manager. “The Willows is a special place, with special people,” says Leslie. “I just connected with it from the first day I visited, and it’s only gotten stronger over time.” Over her career, Leslie has performed nearly every job at The Willows, which gives her a unique understanding of our community and the thing that makes it special—the relationships. And for Leslie, her relationship to her work and the people who live here is a lifelong connection that shows no sign of ending soon. Don’t take our word for it, stop in and say hello; her door is always open.

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Our resident poet, nonagenarian Dorothy Regal, maintains mind, body and spirit through the dozens of classes, outings and programs we offer every month. “There’s always something worth doing,” she marvels. “The staff here is very thoughtful and creative.” But it’s the deep friendships she’s made that make her glad she joined our community. “I never expected to make the kind of friends I’ve made here. The people who live here are interesting and wonderful.”

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When Marilyn Waldron joined our community in 2003 after downsizing her home, we were already familiar to her; her mother-in-law had lived here for many years. Today, Marilyn says she appreciates the rich mix of programming at The Willows, the safety and security of our building, and our resident gardens: “I came from a big house with big grounds, and was able to bring my rose bushes with me when I moved. It’s fun that I didn’t have to give that up.” Marilyn also values the connections she’s made with her fellow residents and the people who work here—people who have come to feel, she says, like family.

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Not every Willows resident arrives with a kiln. But for potter Pat Walker, that critical piece of equipment is what defined home. We not only accommodated Pat’s kiln—we also asked her to teach pottery to her fellow residents. “When I moved into The Willows, I was able to continue living life on my terms,” says Pat. “I didn’t have to stop being me.”

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“One of the things we enjoy about living here is that we can continue to pursue our interests, and gardening is at the top of my wife’s list.”

At The Willows you not only get to keep doing the things you love but you can make what is often a solitary endeavor a social one if you choose. Meeting your neighbors while you tend your garden is the perfect example.




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When you talk with the people at The Willows, you understand why living here is so special.