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The Willows - A LifeMinded® Residence

Lynden Assised Living - WA Senior Retirement Community

Willows, located in Bellingham, Washington is a senior apartment and retirement community providing the finest care and community in the Lynden area. Come home to a welcoming community, a fir-lined setting, and a Bellingham location convenient to everything.


Come home to a welcoming retirement living community, a fir-lined setting, and a location convenient to everything. Visit our Apartments & Rates page to view floor plans, rates, and a full list of amenities.


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We offer a unique alternative to typical “assisted living”: providing access to personal assistant services, tailored to you—as you need them.



Change is inevitable. Rent increases don’t have to be. People tend to live at Willows longer than they expected, so we’ve found a way to help you plan for the future with greater financial certainty and confidence.


LifeMinded is in everything we do.


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Pat C.

Friends abound, activities galore, food superb, help&safety 24hrs/day, tran…

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Molly H.

The Willows embodies what it means to feel “at home”. From the beautiful la…

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Victoria C.

High quality care, in a luxury setting

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Ted L.

My step mother moved into The Willows in Bellingham, WA in Feb 2019. I am s…

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The Willows is a magical place to work! The entire place feels like a cruis…

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Akela S.

There’s never a dull moment at the willows. The residents are great. The st…

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Leslie K.

I have worked at The Willows since 1992, I am so grateful to be surrounded …

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Barbara S.

My Mom has been living at the Willows since August 2017 and she loves it. T…

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Jen A.

Awesome, purposeful place to work!

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Blake W.

This is a nice place. The staff and residents here are very nice to each o…


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Family owned and operated, Willows was different from day one.

Visit our Apartments & Rates page to view floor plans, pricing, and a full list of amenities included in your rent.




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Not necessarily. Learn more about the ins and outs of retired independent living so you can make the right decision for you.


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When you join the Willows team, it's more than just a job.



At The Willows, whether you live here or work here, you're a vital part of the community. Here’s an introduction to a few of those folks.



No matter where you choose to live, this information can help you make an informed decision.

Assisted Lliving
Assisted Lliving

The concept of Assisted living

Most folks who retire usually yearn for the independence and versatility they used to practice before. Yet, at the same time, they feel safer knowing there’s a helping hand and a friendly face just a phone call away.

We strive to give our clients as much independence and freedom as possible, while making sure they feel safe, content, productive and healthy at all times. Thus, our facilities are specially designed, equipped and run to make sure all of our residents receive just the right amount of support and the exact type of care they desire.

Lynden assisted living community offers two basic types of services: those that support and promote complete independent living, and those that include added support of on-site medical staff. Since most seniors do not require constant medical attention during their everyday activities, and enjoy a sense of independence and self-responsibility, the first model provides residents only with basic amenities that are meant to make their lives easier and more pleasant, without diminishing their freedom. These include housekeeping, wellness programs, health checkups, social programs, transportation and, of course, daily meals.

For those with a desire or need for closer medical supervision, we also offer additional resorts which include all of the aforementioned features, with broader access to medical care and supervision. This can come quite handy for those recovering from an injury or getting back in shape, as it provides just the right amount of medical care as the client specifies.



What Lynden senior living communities can offer you

Besides housing and catering, we offer our residents a variety of services implemented to help them feel as independent and capable as before, while making sure their physical and mental health is always at its highest.

Residents constantly have at their disposal a wide variety of housekeeping and transportation services, as well as medical assistance. Furthermore, when in need of emergency care or check-up, they are at liberty to call our emergency staff, who will provide instant medical care. For those with variable health issues or concerns, we also offer non-stop licensed nursing services, medication assistance and consulting and health monitoring as a middle ground between assisted living and a nursing home. At Lynden assisted living home for retirees, all residents can request additional medical support and supervision at any time.

Depending on their needs, our clients can choose one of these housing programs and always feel safe and taken care of, while retaining their degree of independence and freedom. To choose the best program and features for yourself, or your loved ones, feel free to contact our staff. They will gladly provide you with all the information you need and help you make the right decision.

Independent Living
Independent Living

Many aspects of our lives change as we move on through life. But one of the things we all hold dear and valuable is that precious sense of independence and freedom. That feeling of being responsible for our future and staying in control of our lives. And while there’s no denying this can and should be one of the key aspects of our lives, there comes a time when it can hinder our quest for happiness and even our well-being.

Seniors these days take great pride in living through their retirement on their own. And it’s quite understandable, really. No stress, all the opportunities one can think of, and all the time in the world. The world is yours. Unfortunately, most folks find out that visions tend to differ from reality, as they grow more lonely and lost in their so-called independence.

Housework never ends. Chores keep piling up. Worries come out of nowhere and catch you by surprise. Pressure mounts, and eventually the happiness and thrill fade away and are replaced with stress, both physical and mental. And where’s stress, there’s also a risk of injury and illness.

It’s no wonder most seniors eventually decide to move out and seek a new place to call home. One where they can spend their days without having to worry about everyday hassles, but instead focus on improving themselves, fulfilling their lifelong dreams and making new everlasting friendships and relationships.



Lynden senior living community combines independent with meaningful living

Nothing gives a greater sense of independence than having your own place. That’s why at Lynden senior living community, we go the extra mile to make sure our residents get as much liberty and independence as possible. Our facilities are built as housing complexes consisting of multiple independent housing units. They come in different shapes and sizes, from apartments and bungalows all the way up to customized rooms.

This enables the residents to feel as if they are still living in their own personal homes while removing the everyday hassle - and dangers - of doing housework and chores. On top of that, the extra free time and layout allow and encourage group activities and socialization.

They also offer many benefits and pleasures, such as wellness programs, housekeeping, transportation around the community and a bunch of different group activities designed to promote relationships, friendships and meaningful connections.



Aging in place - aging with grace

The idea behind aging in place is to liberate retirees of all the unnecessary chores and worries and give them more time and space for themselves and their loved ones. Even as they grow older and lose some of their independence, they can still retain the core lifestyle and principles that make them happy and motivate them to pursue their dreams and goals.

Designed in a way to provide their residents with everything they could ever need, these communities make sure all services and features are easily accessible and available. Besides allowing easy access to elevators, hallways, halls, and courts, much attention is put into providing full-time care and immediate assistance. And all of these can be requested via voice-activated call system installed in each and every housing unit.

Instead of worrying, searching for a phone, or walking down the driveway to ask for assistance, all a resident needs to do is activate the voice system and they will get access to our staff on constant standby, ready and eager to help or provide information.


Your body changes as you age. But your wellbeing doesn’t have to

As we enter seniority, our bodies begin to change. No matter how active and energetic we once used to be, our metabolism changes and begins to wind down. Weight begins to stick more easily while muscles tend to shrink. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

With proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, most health problems can be eliminated and kept at bay. That’s why Lynden assisted living community goes an extra mile to ensure all of its residents receive the best of foods while promoting wellness and fitness.

Vitamins, fibers, and proteins are the mainstay of our diet plans. Vitamins are key components that supply our bodies with building materials needed to regenerate and fight illnesses. Fibers are what fuels the healthy benevolent bacteria in our digestive system, and keep our immune system in check. And last, but not least, proteins are the key building blocks of muscles and bones, which help us stay active and fit.

Good and smart nutrition is especially important in old age, when the immune system weakens and metabolism slows down. The key solution to this is to stick to a healthy but tasteful diet program, which not only provides enough valuable nutrients and energy but also stimulates the growth and well-being of microbes in the digestive system, thus keeping the immune and endocrine system happy and efficient.



What’s on the menu at Lynden senior living community?

We take great pride in providing our residents with a wide choice of international cuisines which include seasonal herbs grown from our own gardens. This way we make sure all of our meals and foods are fresh and delicious, yet healthy and nutritious at the same time.

There are several menus to choose from, each containing a variety of combinations, so that our residents can choose a different dish every day of the week. With so much emphasis on the importance of nutrition, we have come up with a detailed diet plan that enables our residents to enjoy their favorite meals while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Our staff is specialized in preparing healthy Mediterranean and Japanese cuisine, which offer plenty of delicious recipes while preserving a healthy nutritional value.

And for those with a special pick, we offer special meal programs that allow their residents to tailor their own diet according to their needs and preferences. Also, our staff at Lynden senior living community understand the importance of socialization, even during mealtime. That’s why we encourage our residents to consume their meals together. Our dining rooms are specifically adjusted and decorated to provide great pleasure and a unique experience. And of course, for those special occasions or requests, we also provide food delivery to our residents’ apartments through our 24/7 room service.

Fitness - Body & Mind
Fitness - Body & Mind

Exercise is King. Nutrition is Queen. Put them together and you've got a Kingdom

When we think about retirement, we often have a list of things we would like to do and accomplish during this period. With so much time on our hands, and so many ideas, we usually dream of improving our health, getting in shape and doing all the physical things we love. Yet, more often than not, folks who enter retirement entrench themselves in constant lethargy, lacking the motivation to get exercise and/or lacking time and organizational skills to plan and fulfill their day.

This is because humans are social beings, who get power, energy, motivation and endurance out of social and group activities. Meaning that those who spend their days alone will probably have a difficult time keeping up with a schedule and maintain the discipline needed to keep a fit and healthy body.

On the other hand, those willing to put in some extra work and planning in order to execute physical activities within a group, are far more likely to reach their goals, make the most out of it and enjoy the process at its fullest.



Staying fit at Lynden assisted living home for seniors is not a chore, it’s a pleasure

We understand that starting a fitness program can seem intimidating at times, especially when one has high expectations. That’s why we develop various fitness programs for our residents at our Lynden assisted living facility, and make sure that exercising and physical activities are always enjoyable and pleasant as much as possible.

Working out in a group is a great way to motivate yourself to exercise and stay fit, and keep track of your progress. It will also boost your immune system and energy levels, all the while giving you a fun and exciting daily routine and something to look forward to. Regular exercise helps the body regulate and boost the immune system and cell regeneration. It also coordinates the way the cells respond to illnesses. Maintaining a healthy workout routine is not just a matter of looks and aesthetics - it’s a matter of staying healthy and content.



LifeMinded exercise for maximum results

Prioritizing residents’ health and physical well being, we have come up with a special fitness program, living LifeMinded. Divided into four categories, its offers a wide variety of workout programs for each and every individual, according to their needs, preferences and goals.

For those interested in improving and maintaining balance and flexibility, we offer yoga and dance classes designed to shake your body to the core and improve its agility. LifeMinded also provides various brain fitness programs aimed to developing and maintaining a sharp mind through mixing social activities with fun puzzles and mental challenges.

The third category of LifeMinded is social connections. Our Lynden assisted living community pays special attention to make sure its residents feel embraced by others. Thus, we encourage and promote different opportunities and events ideal for building new meaningful relationships and friendships. We also offer group discussions and other structured support for residents seeking meaningful connections.

The fourth category of LifeMinded is called Making a Difference, which encourages residents to pursue their life goals and visions. Use the opportunities and freedom of retirement to fulfill your life-long dreams and accomplish the things you always planned. Share your vision, and we’ll make the connections needed to turn it into reality.